Baking A Cake With Skylar

I created this video for my Multimedia Applications class. I am currently a sophomore at Lincoln Lutheran. When deciding on a topic for my video I knew I wanted to do something with baking. My sister, Skylar, is the baker in our family. She loves trying new recipes. I asked her if she would be willing to make a chocolate cake as she has in the past a few times. When recording her making the cake I wanted to make sure that I was able to get a lot of good footage. One of the things I focused on was making sure that I got lots to go from different angles. I wanted to do this to allow me to make a more entertaining and professional-looking video. When editing the video I worked to make the clips look as seamlessly as possible. If I were to do another project like this, something I would try to do better is keeping my hand still while recording. There are maybe one or two clips in my video that I need to use that are a bit shaky. I added songs so that I could keep the video interesting for those who watch. I tried to pick popular songs that were happy and upbeat. I enjoyed being able to put together this fun video. It will be cool for me to look back on it to see not only how I have improved in video making but to look at the memories I got to make! 

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